When the vikings get bored in Valhalla, they play their own version of chess, not with little pieces on a checkerboard, but by hitting great statues with a hammer so they crash into one another in a game of strength and strategy!

Made by me and Kyle Krohn, who conceived the original premise and helped me test things.



Click+Drag to shoot pieces.
White moves first.
On your turn, every time your piece hits an opponent's piece you get points.
Pawns are worth 1 point, Knights 3 points and the King 5 points.

You can reset the game, or alter how many points are needed to win in the Options screen (default is 40 points).

Thanks a ton to freesound.org!


Alpha v2.2 update: Added particle effects, and tweaked the starting layout of pawns, minor bug fixes. Much better!

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