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JellyBall takes after the game Gish, where you play as a simulated blob that can change forms. I spent a lot of time trying to push this concept to make controls that felt faster, snappier and more fun. I've been working on this project on and off for years. I wanted to make game that pushes the advantages of designing a game around a physics engine.

I've been making my own level editor to work on this game with, which was a daunting task but I think it was worth it. I intend to ship this editor with the game, although it is currently disabled in the demo as it is extremely bare bones at the moment.

There's some mechanics that, unfortunately, didn't make the cut in the demo. But I would like to show them off soon. Things like wind, and deadly laser beams. There are also plenty more puzzles and platforming challenges. I have lots of levels already made, at least partially.

Most of the current art is placeholder. The plans for this project are to keep working on level concepts, and work with an artist/artists to refine the visuals. It also doesn't have music or sound yet (well, there's one sound effect). I haven't fully settled on the color palette. But, I'm in love with the game mechanics and the feel of controlling this little blob, so expect to see more of this game.

I've included some of my favorite levels that I thought wouldn't be too difficult and thrown together a quick demo of my passion project. I Hope you enjoy it!

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Sept. 2020 JellyBall SAGExpo Demo 3 MB

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